About Us

Flower Food Ltd., Part is a healthy food snack manufacturer which was established in 1990 by Dr.Pradit Piramarn. The business was started from an experimental sunflower planting, thereafter, sunflower kernels were developed as healthy food snacks for human consumption. At that time, Flower Food was the first company that introduced roasted sunflower kernels to the Thai Food Industry.

Interest in natural food products has increased continuously over the last few years. Flower Food has always had a commitment to customers to provide high quality products with high nutritious value at the value for money prices.

Furthermore, Flower Food is now supported by Thaluang Kaset Co., Ltd, cooperate company, which is a large sunflower kernels supplier in Thailand. Therefore, the raw materials receiving from Thaluang Kaset is fresh, containing high nutritious values and high quality in order to produce high quality of healthy food snacks for consumers.

Wide Product Range

We offer various range of natural healthy food at the best reasonable prices. For example, Roasted sunflower kennels, Roasted pumpkin seeds, Sunflower bars, Sunflower cookies, Sesame bars, oven dried banana and etc. we also launched natural unrefined sunflower oil to help customer choosing the right nutritious healthy ingredient to maintain their optimum health.

Moreover, we also developed Chocolate coated sunflower kernels which are tasteful and suitable with kids and teenagers. With self-produced chocolate from our efficient chocolate machine, we are able to produce and supply this product range with high quality at the best price.

R&D and Quality Assurance

Flower Food has an intense commitment to quality. We believe in using only superb raw materials and excellent ingredients to produce consistently high quality products.

Our R&D and Quality Assurance departments carefully develop new products safety, control over production processes, improve testing procedure, and maintain high standard. Our aim is to avoid using additives, so our products normally contain no preservatives or any food additives.

Our Services

Apart from Thai market, we are officially supported by Thailand’s Department of Export Promotion to export our products to several countries. Both standard package and bulk pack services are available depends on customer needs. We also do OEM service in case that customer needs to use their own brand and packing design.

Over 10 years of providing high quality product to national and international customers, Flower Food achieved numerous awards and certifications from many organizations.

“The best 100 products awards” issued by
“Institute of conservative Consumer of Thailand”

“Golden Award of Quality Product in 1999” issued by
“Ministry of Public Health, Thailand”

“Good Manufacturing practices in 1999” issued by
“Ministry of Industry, Thailand” (GMP)

“Thailand Brand in 2000” issued by
“Ministry of Commerce, Thailand”

“International Golden Award for Commercial Prestige (2000)” issued by
“Trade leader’s Club Spain”

“The OTOP Export Recognition for 2005” issued by
“Prime Minister’s Export Award 2005”

“HACCP Certification 2005” issued by
“Intertek testing Service (Thailand)”

“The OTOP Export Recognition for 2011” issued by
 “Prime Minister’s Export Award 2011”

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