Industrial Goods

For over two decades, Flower Food Products Co. Ltd. has been the expert in sunflower seeds. We can ensure you that you will receive the best products from the fresh and the highest quality ingredients. Nowadays, our production process has reached the high quality standard guaranteed
by GMP Award from The Ministry of Industry of Thailand.

Because of our motivation and dedication to our customers, The Flower Food Products Co. Ltd has become one of the trusted brands for the food
supplies in various industries such as Airlines, 5 star hotels, large manufacturing companies, and bakeries.

Raw Materials

  1. Sunflower Kernels
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • Meal
  2. Pumpkin Kernels
    • SA
    • BA
  3. Melon Kernels
  4. White Sesame
  5. Black Sesame
  6. Peanuts
  7. Almonds
    • Peeled Almonds
    • Almond Seed Coat.
    • Sliced Almonds
    • Chopped Almonds

Remark: The raw materials above can be roasted on the client’s order

Raw Material Packaging

  • Foil Packet 1 kg. x 5/ box
  • Foil Packet 3 kg. X 6 / box
  • Clear Packet 5 kg. X 4/ box

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